MBC Queen Network redesign by Dextor Lab, Korea
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MBC Queen

MBC Queen formerly known as MBC L!FE, 엠비씨 라이프 is a South Korean non-‘free-to-air’ television network, which airs programming aimed at women. The channel’s slogan is What Women Want. The rebranding was handled by Dextor-Lab, Korea.

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GNT is a Brazilian cable/satellite television channel.
Andres Rossi Studio worked on the current rebranding of the channel. The hand drawn calligraphy style used for the program toolkit and onscreen design, it really stands out from the other channels in the market.It also adds to the authentic & personal look.

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Educational Broadcasting System or EBS is the only educational television and radio network covering South Korean territory, and the only major South Korean radio and television network without a separate regional service. Established as KBS 3TV and KBS Educational Radio in the 1980s, and became an independent corporation in 1990. EBS strives to supplement school education and promote lifelong education for everyone in Korea.

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General Entertainment


O for Fun, O for Originality, O for Amazement!

O tvN is a life entertainment cable TV channel in South Korea. It is for everyone who wants to relax and enjoy life. With the DNA of tvN, the leading trendsetter of culture, O tvN is Korea’s first life entertainment channel devoted to show the audience how to truly enjoy life.Continue reading

Series of TV ID produced in Asia for Mongol TV. The visual identity developed is global: new visual signature, more than twenty television commercials, series of animations, motion graphics for TV news... This plethora of visual elements will punctuate the air and confirm the identity of the channel. The centerpiece of this project is a television idents campaign to images breathtaking. These are twenty portraits of local peoples, visually oriented shoot in locations in Gobi Desert, Ulaanbaatar, East Siberian, Mongolian steppe, Altaï Mountains, Russian borders. Terelj National Park, Amarbayasgalant monastery... Impressive images, shoot by a joint venture of occidental and Mongolian staff. These vignettes suggest the presence of TV channel on the entire territory of Mongolia and its proximity to the population. This is a renewed image, contemporary Mongolia is projected here.
General Entertainment


Series of TV IDENTS were produced for MongolTV in Asia by mémoire liquide. The visual identity developed is global in nature has got a new visual signature. More than twenty television commercials, series of animations, motion graphics for TV news has been produced. This plethora of visual elements will punctuate the air and confirm the identity of the channel. The centerpiece of this project is a television idents campaign to images breathtaking. Continue reading



OnStyle is a South Korean cable and satellite television channel owned by CJ E&M. It got a rebrand done by Super Very More, a South korean motion design studio. OnStyle is a channel for fashion-conscious women in their 20’s and 30’s, offering a higher level of fashion and beauty information. It is the go-to channel for all things trendy and beautiful.Continue reading

Star Sports logo

Star Sports

Star India rebranded all its six sports channels by bringing them under one brand “Star Sports”. The new brand identity of Star Sports is a metallic star with an explosive incandescent swooshes symbolising the authority and passion of sports. The sports network has a new tagline called “Believe”.Continue reading

Film4 logo


Film4’s new identity is produced by London-based studio ManVsMachine and overseen by Channel 4’s own 4Creative. They had a complete overhaul of their OSP and idents done and gave it a more cinematic feel to it.
All the idents were shot in-camera, utilising a device that stacks frames upon frames to give the effect of a moving film strip or individual animated frames. The result is simply amazing.Continue reading

Israel news channel Mabat

Mabat Channel 1 News

Flying Machine repackages Israeli national news service Mabat Lachadashot on channel 1 with show open and on-air visual language that carried it perfectly through one of the most tumultuous election campaigns that nation has seen in decades.Continue reading

5 channel logo
General Entertainment


“5 is an entertainment television channel with its own unique programme formats for talk shows and reality shows, as well as for lifestyle and tabloid reporting. Continue reading

Fashion tv channel packaging

Fashion tv España

‘Show the real you’ is the visual concept for Fashion tv España. The packaging is super cool and amazing. It stays away from the diamond glitterati feel that other fashion packaging is synonymous with. It starts off with generic fashion shots before an unexpected twist replaces models faces with that of various animals, it is a fantastic example of super stylish branding.Continue reading

World Movies Logo Australia

World Movies

World Movies is an Australian art-house movie channel with foreign films and related content. It is owned by the public Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) and is available on the country’s subscription television platforms.Continue reading

MCtv channel branding by Stato, motion graphics boutique located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
General Entertainment


Stato, a a Motion Graphics Boutique located in Buenos Aires, Argentina worked on a new branding for MCtv. They redesigned the logo and created the overall look and feel for this playful concept of the channel. The color palette is soothing and has got a soft feel to it.Continue reading

K24 channel


Kurdistan 24 (K24) is a broadcast news station based out of Erbil, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It aims to deliver 24-hour news from Kurdistan and around the world to “transform the media landscape of Kurdistan. The television network covers events across the Greater Kurdistan area, and offers a unique analysis on relevant issues in this region.Continue reading

FLIK channel branding by BDA Creative, Singapore


Flik is a newly launched Indonesian movie channel. The programming contains all Indonesian movies from 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, to current date. All digitally re-mastered in HD quality.
BDA Creative Singapore worked on the complete branding for the channel including coming up with the channel’s name.CONCEPT
The concept of the branding revolves around the meaning of “Flik” itself, which is a localized word originated from the word “Flick”. Flick means strike or propel (something) with a sudden quick movement of the fingers, or it could also means a cinema film. The Flik logo movements and animation represent a flicking library of film. The letters from the logo will expand and flick, providing an incredible landscape of movement. The flicking of the letters will emulate the celluloid of old flicking through a reel and the graceful motion of modern machines. It symbolises the relentless passage of time and the beauty that comes from this history.
 [youtube https://youtu.be/tbCm3uwKdUQ]

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ProSieben MAXX logo
General Entertainment, Male, Men

ProSieben MAXX

ProSieben Maxx is a German free-to-air channel which is owned by ProSiebenSat.1
The channel is primarily targetted towards the male audience aged between 30-59.
The channel packaging was done by Sebastian Onufszak, an amazing designer.
Animations are crisp and nice and has that edgy feel to it. The slant given to the background environment while keeping the characters straight is a nice touch, it gives that added dynamism to the frame.  The typographic treatment given to the menu lineup is also good.

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Al Hiwar Logo

Al Hiwar

Al-Hiwar is an Arabic language satellite TV channel broadcasting from London. Al-Hiwar means “Dialogue” in Arabic. The channel branding was done by N3 design, a Russia based motion design agency.Continue reading

Dreamworks Channel branding by Red Bee Media. Po Ident

Dreamworks Channel

DreamWorks Channel is a Southeast Asian television network that is owned & operated by DreamWorks Animation.The channel represents DWA’s first foray into operating its own television channel in any part of the world as a result of a joint venture through CTH.Continue reading

CCTV4 REBRAND 2016 from Brand Energies, China.
Art, Culture, News


Brand Energies recently re-branded China Central Television’s CCTV4 with a complete new on-screen identity package that includes a new channel logo, new on-screen presentation system, logo resolves and a series of gorgeous 10 seconds channel IDs.Continue reading

CTC Network rebrand by 2veinte
Entertainment, Family


Considered as the “Home of Entertainment”, CTC Media is the leading Russian broadcasting company. CTC Network is considered as one of the biggest channels in Russia. Continue reading

TV2 Humor channel branding by Promotheus

TV2 Humor

TV2 Humor is a comedy channel presenting ridiculously funny american comedies and entertaining talk shows such as Modern Family, New Girl and Jimmy Fallon. The channel is Norway´s first and only 24 hour humour channel with a simple goal of making you laugh. No more, no less. Continue reading

Jack TV Logo
General Entertainment

Jack TV

To celebrate a decade of being on-air, JackTV asked The Acid House (Manilla, Phillipines) to work on a reimaging of the channel that shows how mature they’ve become and how silly they still are. Their design approach was to combine contrasting elements of straight-up geometric shapes with outrageous 2D illustrations.Continue reading

W channel rebrand by Art & Graft studio. UK based studio
Entertainment, Women

W Channel

UK’s Watch channel recently rebranded to channel ‘W’ a premium flagship entertainemnt channel. W is UKTV’s premium entertainment channel, offering the audiences a dazzling mix of original factual entertainment formats – Get Me To The Church, Honey I Bought the House – alongside the gold standard of shows from the US including Code Black, Grimm and The Strain plus jewels from the very best of the BBC and Channel 4.Continue reading

SBS Food Network logo

SBS Food Network

Food Network is an Australian free-to-air digital television multichannel owned by the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). The channel airs programs about food and cooking, from cultures around the world.Continue reading

Entertainment, Kids

Disney Cinema

Disney Cinema is the premium movie channel that brings the family together. Broadcasting great Disney classics, the catalogue has recently expanded to embrace those of Pixar, Lucas Films and Disney Nature in order to accommodate a wider audience.Continue reading

City TV branding by Troika
General Entertainment

City TV

Troika developed a creative strategy to capture the night-time excitement of a city, anchored around dynamic shifting blocks that represent a birds-eye view of a cityscape. The package, inspired by MondrianContinue reading

CCTV China rebranding by Renderon
General Entertainment, News


Renderon completed a full HD network redesign and rebranding for CCTV News in Beijing China. CCTV News, formerly CCTV9, is a 24-hour English news channel, of China Central Television. It is mainland China’s only 24-hour English-language TV channel and is run by China Central Television.Continue reading

Lifestyle Home channel packaging by InkProject, an Australian based creative agency
Entertainment, Home

Lifestyle Home

Australia’s only channel totally dedicated to home and property entertainment, LifeStyle Home brings together the best inspirational and informative ideas for every Australian home. Ink Project worked on Home’s brand identity, channel idents and channel packaging.Continue reading

French-Canadian network V has teamed up with brand consultancy and creative agency Troika to revamp their brand identity, announcing the shift through a multiplatform advertising campaign. Initial elements of the rebrand hit air earlier this month, with the full identity, along with print and digital advertising assets, rolling out throughout the fall.
General Entertainment

V (French-Canadain Network) 2012

French-Canadian network V has teamed up with brand consultancy and creative agency Troika to revamp their brand identity, announcing the shift through a multi-platform advertising campaign. Initial elements of the rebrand hit air earlier this month, with the full identity, along with print and digital advertising assets, rolling out throughout the fall.

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XTRM Channel branding by Lumbre, an Argentina based motion design studio done for Spain’s Chello Multicanal


XTRM Channel branding by Lumbre, an Argentina based motion design studio done for Spain’s Chello Multicanal.Continue reading

Viasat see TV3 as a destination for viewers to simply let go and enjoy the entertainment on offer. We created a motion brand identity that would visually capture the feeling of ‘letting go’. Channel rebranding done by Man Vs Machine, UK
General Entertainment

TV3 Denmark

Viasat see TV3 as a destination for viewers to simply let go and enjoy the entertainment on offer. We created a motion brand identity that would visually capture the feeling of ‘letting go’.Continue reading

DD8 Executive Creative Director, Jean-Christophe Danoy, worked as CD on this rebrand for FOX SPORTS Australia - consulting and working with the internal team to create a new look for all seven channels. He created this showreel to showcase the extensive nine month project. Definitely the biggest rebrand in Australia that we can think of for some time.

Fox Sports Australia

FOX SPORTS Australia launched a refresh of its brand to coincide with the 2015 season and the revamp of their new channel line up, the network commissioned DD8 Executive Creative Director Jean-Christophe Danoy to consult. Jean-Christophe worked alongside FOX SPORTS CEO Patrick Delany and the broader FOX SPORTS team.Continue reading

TV3 Catalonia, Spain. Recent rebranding done by Red Bee Media, which is a part of Ericsson.
General Entertainment


TV3 (Catalonia) recently had a brand refresh done by Red Bee Media. The idents use the 3 of the logo as a hero element, using it exuberantly to make sense of three seemingly disparate but ultimately connected things. Using the logo in a playful manner makes this rebranding really a fun to watch.Continue reading

Fox Life logo 2013 branding
General Entertainment

FOX Life Worldwide Branding

Fox Life is a television network, launched by the Fox Broadcasting Company. Its basic programming include numerous television series, sitcoms and movies, among others, which includes some original programming in certain regions. The packaging was done by Plenty, an Art and Motion Direction studio located in Buenos Aires.Continue reading

Pop tv channel branding done by Loyal Kaspar
General Entertainment


On September 2014, CBS and Lionsgate announced that TVGN would be relaunched as Pop in early 2015, with the rebranding later announced to occur on January 14 of that year with its focus shifting toward programming about pop culture fandom.Continue reading

TruTV channel packaging done by Loyal Kaspar
General Entertainment

tru TV

truTV is an American cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. The rebrand was done by Loyal Kaspar. with the rebrand the channel’s lineup was re-oriented with a focus on comedy-based reality programs.Continue reading

General Entertainment


One of India’s leading television, media and entertainment companies, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) have launched ‘&TV’, their flagship Hindi General Entertainment channel.Continue reading

Time Warner Cable News

Time Warner Cable News

Troika was assigned to rebrand Time Warner Cable News’ suite of 16 channels, including NY1, NY1 Noticias, and 14 additional stations throughout New York, North Carolina and Texas, by establishing a unified brand strategy, position, and identity. Continue reading

Education, General Entertainment


KCTS-TV, channel 9, is a non-commercial educational station licensed to Seattle, Washington, USA. Troika partnered with North Western PBS affiliate KCTS9 to bring their new brand concept – INQUISITV to life on-air as a dynamic, entertaining identity that reinvents what it means to be local TV.Continue reading

N24 news channel


Storzescherich  in cooperation with Jeveux & Sticky tape, developed and produced the new on-air packaging, which included openers, bumpers, loops and image spots as well as the transformation of info-graphics which are operated in real-time.Continue reading

Style Network Rebrand
Female, Lifestyle

Style Rebrand

The Style Network is a television channel owned by NBCUniversal targeted to “women 18-49 with a passion for the best in relatable, inspiring and transformational lifestyle programming.” Style counts with 75 million cable and satellite subscribers, tuning in to shows like Jerseylicious, Chicagolicious, and How Do I Look? In June 2012, Style introduced a new logo and on-air identity designed by New York, NY-based GretelContinue reading

Oxygen Logo
Female, General Entertainment


Oxygen is an American digital cable channel which features programming targeted at younger female viewers, including original reality television series, acquired scripted series and feature films.Continue reading

Russian History Channel Logo

Russian History Channel

These IDs have a truly epic and cinematic look to it. Seeing the logo emerging out from the sand dunes of Egypt with the pyramids at the backdrop, at the center of Pompeii where the volcano Mt. Vesuvius is erupting, diving into the depth of the ocean searching for the lost treasure of Atlantis, the emergence of the rocket from the clouds and the satellites circling the earth takes the viewer through important events that happened in history.Continue reading

General Entertainment

SPIKE (2015)

“Spike has always been a brand that pushes the boundaries of the unexpected. As the national network shifted focus from male-centric entertainment to programming with broader appeal, they needed a visual expression that succinctly encapsulated the brand’s bold, disruptive movement forward.Continue reading

World Heritage Channel

World Heritage Channel

The World Heritage Channel is a premium and 100% pure documentary channel available in Asia that showcases mankind’s greatest treasures. Programming spans nature, travel, history and culture that takes discerning viewers on inspiring and immersive journeys to the most treasured places on Earth – UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.Continue reading

Foxtel Arts logo by Ink Project Australia

Arts Channel

Foxtel Arts is a new high definition channel dedicated to arts, artists and a diverse heritage of creative expression. Continue reading


Nova TV News

Re-branding of NOVA TV’s nationwide news programs Dnevnik, Vecernje Vijesti, Vijesti and Breaking News done by Flint Skallen
Design, concept and production of comprehensive news graphic packages, openers and closers for individual requirements of various programs. The work also included the design of insert graphics like political maps, weather maps and icons, as well as sports and economic graphs and tables.Continue reading

Decasa Logo


Canal Decasa is one of four channels LUMBRE rebranded for Spain’s Chello Multicanal. You can see our work for Sol Musica, Canal Cocina and XTRM as well.  It is the first and only lifestyle channel on pay television in Spain and is dedicated to the finest in décor, beauty, fashion, health and leisure.Continue reading

Canal Sony rebranding done by Dixon Baxi

Canal Sony

Canal Sony is a new brand for Sony across Latin-America presenting the biggest and best-in-class shows from Hollywood, with strong, memorable characters and juicy, complex relationships. Continue reading

K Plus channel packaging done by Ivan Chua


Ivan Chua Associates branded a Korean entertainment channel K-Plus for launch in the Indonesian market. They developed a vibrant yet elegant graphics package based on abstractions of light-theme visuals to establish an entertainment spectacle feel. The logo has been designed giving it a faceted diamond kind of a look. The same faceted look has been carried over to the packaging elements.Continue reading

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