ProSieben MAXX logo
ProSieben Maxx is a German free-to-air channel which is owned by ProSiebenSat.1
The channel is primarily targetted towards the male audience aged between 30-59.
The channel packaging was done by Sebastian Onufszak, an amazing designer.
Animations are crisp and nice and has that edgy feel to it. The slant given to the background environment while keeping the characters straight is a nice touch, it gives that added dynamism to the frame.  The typographic treatment given to the menu lineup is also good.

Channel Branding for the ProSieben MAXX TV channel.
Client: ProSiebenSat1 Media AG
Agency: Creative Solutions
Project Manager: Royden Terrill Da Souza
Art Direction: Sebastian v. Wyschetzky, Markus Goles
Design Direction & Animation: Sebastian Onufszak, Emrah Akal, Claudia Stanke, Mathias v. Wyschetzky
Music/Sound Design: Michael Fakesch
ProSieben MAXX 01ProSieben MAXX 02 ProSieben MAXX 03 ProSieben MAXX 04 ProSieben MAXX 05 ProSieben MAXX 06 ProSieben MAXX 07 ProSieben MAXX 08 ProSieben MAXX 09 ProSieben MAXX 10 ProSieben MAXX 11 ProSieben MAXX 12 ProSieben MAXX 13 ProSieben MAXX 15ProSieben MAXX Channel Branding ProSieben MAXX Channel Branding 022
Teaser for the ProSieben MAXX TV channel. Commissioned by Creative Solutions.
Design & Direction: Sebastian Onufszak
Animation: Benjamin Stephan, Matthias Anton Lein
Music/Sound Design: Michael Fakesch
Producer: Lux von Morgen, Kristina Neurohr
ProSiebenSat1 Media AG – Creative Solutions
Project Manager: Royden Terrill Da Souza
Art Direction: Markus Goles