3 channel rebranding 2015 by Donerzozo

3 channel’s recent rebranding was done by  Donerzozo.


The channel packaging uses the circular motif as the core visual element accompanied by a multi-color color palette. The soothing multi color palette reflects the new positioning of the channel. The main circular element can be seen in all the packaging elements.

In the main logo bumper we can see the circular elements combining in an interesting fashion to showcase the ‘Life’ text. In the Spring ID, we can see a typical spring scene being populated with circular elements and creating an abstract world. Similarly in the City ID, we can see the modern , urban city coming to life with the circular elements.

In it’s new packaging we can see that the channel has gone with a more flattened look in it’s channel Onscreen presentation. Nonetheless the smooth color palette, smooth transitions and animation flow pleases the eye and it’s modern interpretation gives it a nice touch. Great work!

3 channel's recent rebranding was done by Donerzozo.3-channel-rebranding-2015-003