Oxygen network rebranding by Eloisa Iturbe

Eloisa Iturbe recently remixed the Oxygen brand like a DJ, by slicing and dicing it into something new and dynamic.

In the original Oxygen brand, the most important device was the logo’s “connector,” an underscore beneath the “O” that united the copy and graphics in cool and creative ways across the package. Eloisa Iturbe saw a lot of potential in this flexible little bar, especially after they fleshed out its capabilities by incorporating two other parts from the logo into the toolbox: the “O” itself” and the circle inside it in a creative way.

“Like a hole and its doughnut, the “O” and its circle add a yumminess to the Oxygen package that bursts off the screen. It let us design patterns with the brand’s familiar shapes that move and dance, inviting the viewer in with rhythms and sequences that are hard to resist. Sometimes the “O” even spins like a turntable, just as though someone were playing DJ behind the scenes…

Simplicity is our calling, and Oxygen let us take the simples elements of it’s brand and remix them into something spectacular.

A line, an “O” and a circle. Separately, they are pretty common forms. Mixed together in our new package, they take on a dazzling uniqueness that is completely ownable to Oxygen, and to Oxygen alone.” – Eloisa Iturbe’s website

The remixed packaging looks really great and with an addition of the line element coupled with the O, it makes the packaging look sleeker.


OXYGEN NETWORK BRAND EXPANSION by Eloise IturbeOxygen Network 02 Oxygen Network 20 Oxygen Network 19 Oxygen Network 18 Oxygen Network 17 Oxygen Network 16 Oxygen Network 15 Oxygen Network 14 Oxygen Network 13 Oxygen Network 12 Oxygen Network 11 Oxygen Network 10 Oxygen Network 09 Oxygen Network 08 Oxygen Network 07 Oxygen Network 06
Oxygen Network 04 Oxygen Network 03


Client: Oxygen Media

Direction: Eloisa Iturbe, Martin Lanciano

Design: Octavio Pollono, Santiago Balan, Valeria Moreiro

Animation: Matias Sesti, Luis Goldberg, Esteban Simone, Federico Figueroa, Sebastian Morales, Carol Erique