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O for Fun, O for Originality, O for Amazement!

O tvN is a life entertainment cable TV channel in South Korea. It is for everyone who wants to relax and enjoy life. With the DNA of tvN, the leading trendsetter of culture, O tvN is Korea’s first life entertainment channel devoted to show the audience how to truly enjoy life.Continue reading

Israel news channel Mabat

Mabat Channel 1 News

Flying Machine repackages Israeli national news service Mabat Lachadashot on channel 1 with show open and on-air visual language that carried it perfectly through one of the most tumultuous election campaigns that nation has seen in decades.Continue reading

Al Hiwar Logo

Al Hiwar

Al-Hiwar is an Arabic language satellite TV channel broadcasting from London. Al-Hiwar means “Dialogue” in Arabic. The channel branding was done by N3 design, a Russia based motion design agency.Continue reading

Dreamworks Channel branding by Red Bee Media. Po Ident

Dreamworks Channel

DreamWorks Channel is a Southeast Asian television network that is owned & operated by DreamWorks Animation.The channel represents DWA’s first foray into operating its own television channel in any part of the world as a result of a joint venture through CTH.Continue reading

TV2 Humor channel branding by Promotheus

TV2 Humor

TV2 Humor is a comedy channel presenting ridiculously funny american comedies and entertaining talk shows such as Modern Family, New Girl and Jimmy Fallon. The channel is Norway´s first and only 24 hour humour channel with a simple goal of making you laugh. No more, no less. Continue reading

Jack TV Logo
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Jack TV

To celebrate a decade of being on-air, JackTV asked The Acid House (Manilla, Phillipines) to work on a reimaging of the channel that shows how mature they’ve become and how silly they still are. Their design approach was to combine contrasting elements of straight-up geometric shapes with outrageous 2D illustrations.Continue reading

SBS Food Network logo

SBS Food Network

Food Network is an Australian free-to-air digital television multichannel owned by the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). The channel airs programs about food and cooking, from cultures around the world.Continue reading

Entertainment, Kids

Disney Cinema

Disney Cinema is the premium movie channel that brings the family together. Broadcasting great Disney classics, the catalogue has recently expanded to embrace those of Pixar, Lucas Films and Disney Nature in order to accommodate a wider audience.Continue reading

DD8 Executive Creative Director, Jean-Christophe Danoy, worked as CD on this rebrand for FOX SPORTS Australia - consulting and working with the internal team to create a new look for all seven channels. He created this showreel to showcase the extensive nine month project. Definitely the biggest rebrand in Australia that we can think of for some time.

Fox Sports Australia

FOX SPORTS Australia launched a refresh of its brand to coincide with the 2015 season and the revamp of their new channel line up, the network commissioned DD8 Executive Creative Director Jean-Christophe Danoy to consult. Jean-Christophe worked alongside FOX SPORTS CEO Patrick Delany and the broader FOX SPORTS team.Continue reading

TV3 Catalonia, Spain. Recent rebranding done by Red Bee Media, which is a part of Ericsson.
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TV3 (Catalonia) recently had a brand refresh done by Red Bee Media. The idents use the 3 of the logo as a hero element, using it exuberantly to make sense of three seemingly disparate but ultimately connected things. Using the logo in a playful manner makes this rebranding really a fun to watch.Continue reading

Pop tv channel branding done by Loyal Kaspar
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On September 2014, CBS and Lionsgate announced that TVGN would be relaunched as Pop in early 2015, with the rebranding later announced to occur on January 14 of that year with its focus shifting toward programming about pop culture fandom.Continue reading

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One of India’s leading television, media and entertainment companies, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) have launched ‘&TV’, their flagship Hindi General Entertainment channel.Continue reading

Russian History Channel Logo

Russian History Channel

These IDs have a truly epic and cinematic look to it. Seeing the logo emerging out from the sand dunes of Egypt with the pyramids at the backdrop, at the center of Pompeii where the volcano Mt. Vesuvius is erupting, diving into the depth of the ocean searching for the lost treasure of Atlantis, the emergence of the rocket from the clouds and the satellites circling the earth takes the viewer through important events that happened in history.Continue reading

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SPIKE (2015)

“Spike has always been a brand that pushes the boundaries of the unexpected. As the national network shifted focus from male-centric entertainment to programming with broader appeal, they needed a visual expression that succinctly encapsulated the brand’s bold, disruptive movement forward.Continue reading

World Heritage Channel

World Heritage Channel

The World Heritage Channel is a premium and 100% pure documentary channel available in Asia that showcases mankind’s greatest treasures. Programming spans nature, travel, history and culture that takes discerning viewers on inspiring and immersive journeys to the most treasured places on Earth – UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.Continue reading

Foxtel Arts logo by Ink Project Australia

Arts Channel

Foxtel Arts is a new high definition channel dedicated to arts, artists and a diverse heritage of creative expression. Continue reading


Nova TV News

Re-branding of NOVA TV’s nationwide news programs Dnevnik, Vecernje Vijesti, Vijesti and Breaking News done by Flint Skallen
Design, concept and production of comprehensive news graphic packages, openers and closers for individual requirements of various programs. The work also included the design of insert graphics like political maps, weather maps and icons, as well as sports and economic graphs and tables.Continue reading